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Our policy is:

  • To provide a fair complaints procedure which is clear and easy to use
  • To respond promptly (within 5 working days) to the complainant to acknowledge receipt of their concerns
  • To investigate the matter professionally and fairly
  • To ensure, whenever possible, that complaints are resolved and relationships repaired
  • To gather information as a result which helps us to improve what we do

Contact Details for Complaints:

Please telephone Healey Electrician Ltd in the first instance as we will always try to resolve matters without need for a complaint.

If you are still dissatisfied written complaints, to avoid any confusion, should be sent to Healey Electrical Ltd by e-mail at . We aim to resolve all issues promptly and within four weeks. If the matter could potentially take longer to settle, regular progress reports will be made. In order to investigate a complaint we need the following in writing:

· Date of complaint
· Complainant’s name and contact information
· Details and circumstances of the complaint
· The product or services which are the subject of the complaint

Our policy at Healey Electrical Ltd is to provide a full, efficient, professional and caring service for all our Customers and we will work with you to resolve all outstanding issues to the best of our ability. Please feel free to contact us with any queries so that we have an opportunity to settle the problem first without need for further complaint.

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